Corrie finds humanism!

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I have always appreciated how Coronation Street has touched upon current issues in a sensitive and often amusing way (compared with the brute force and gloom of East Enders) and so given that there has been a surge in support for humanism it was hardly a surprise that the subject would be mentioned, eve if it has taken nearly 50 years.

Entirely predictably the mention of humanism caused a storm of protest from religious fascists. Much was made of the fact that it occured over easter, though I dare say that there are plenty of other times of the year to take offence. In fact I felt it was a pity that Ken was displaying his humanism at the same time that he was thinking about betraying Dierdre - it implicitly associates humanism with a lack of morals, which every independent piece of research seems to contradict. But I don't have the oversensitivity and defensiveness of the god squad and felt that the average intelligent viewer would not suspect that there was any connection to be drawn. Nor did I object when one of the younger charcters found god! Or that Emily Bishop has been a churchgoer since I was in nappies!

However there is clearly a group of religious people who feel that alternative opinions should not be aired. I can see a parallel here between their views and those of the Muslims who objected to the cartoons of Muhammed in the Danish press - intolerant and bullying. I am pleased that you are standing up to them and look forward to positive portayals of the role that humanists play every day in the diverse society in which we live.

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