Topical Subjects - April

I thought it would be useful to have a thread here where forthcoming topical subjects can be mentioned. This might then spur people on to write a thought that relates to one of these topics.

It's actually a busy time of year for non-secularists:

* April 9th - Passover or Pesach
* April 9th - Maunday Thursday / Last Supper - dammit should have run the Star Wars image on this day, might re-run it anyway :)
* April 9th - Buddhist new year
* April 10th - Good Friday
* April 12th - Easter Day
* April 13th - Vaisakhi - Sihk new year
* April 19th - Easter (Orthodox Christians)
* April 21st - Jewish Holocaust Memorial day
* April 23rd - St George's day

For general secular events then Wikipedia has a pretty good list for each day, for example:, but if you know of something coming up that might be worth a thought then please mention it here.