Site Improvements

Hi noobies (as I am 1 2).

I have been bouncing ideas with George on how to make this site better bearing in mind that George is doing all the work we also need to see how to make it as self-managing as possible. So far we have come up with four:-

1. Submitted Thoughts for the Day(T4TD)
Me: Enable submitted T4TDs to be voted on as candidates to be published.
George: Add an online submission process.

2. Published T4TD
George: Provide a voting mechanism for published T4TDs
Me: Use this to select the best T4TD over two weeks to submit (automatically maybe) to the Humanist Symposium (carnival).

Since just bouncing between the two of us are already coming up with feasible ideas, I thought lets widen the debate and see what we all can come up with, hence this thread.

Opinion Section

Could the Opinion section on the right be a place for people to provide links they think relevant to the T4TD? I'm thinking that for most people they will not dig into the site but what's on this page is immediate and it would be a reason to return to the page throughout the day. Could have anti-beeb pledges etc

What day?

I like the idea of having the day and date appear boldly. T4TD for Wednesday 8th April. But it implies a daily update.

Ideas please!

Yes, any ideas and suggestions would be great.

Bear in mind that I've deliberately kept the site simple to start with. There's plenty more that can be done, but what do people feel would help most, what should be the priority?

submission procedure

Send e-mail confirmation of receipt of submissions. Otherwise unknown if not received or not liked!

Clare T

I should do this

I should do this. I started off doing this and have sometimes even given an indication of when I'll publish the submission.

However, from time-to-time I get a bit busy and so I find I need to cut some corners. An acknowlegment is one of them.

I'll try harder :)

BTW I did like your submission.

What can we do to promote

What can we do to promote this site? What can each of we readers/contributers do to help? I'm prepared to volunteer some time and effort to this, anyone else?

Shameless promotion.

There's a Twitter feed at

Just another method of getting it out there.


I'd like to suggest removing

I'd like to suggest removing moderation on comments, so we can get some discussion going. You can always put them back if it doesn't work.

Comment moderation is now off

I've disabled comment moderation for the moment. If the spammers find us I'll have to switch it back on, but let's see how long we get away with it.